Yikes! The World’s Worst Airlines

A Recent article by Alex Davies at BusinessInsider.com caught our attention and is definitely worth a Rivkin Review. Most travel reviews get caught up with the BEST airlines to fly, and which airlines offer the highest value in terms of service, amenities, etc. But what about the WORST airlines, in regards to service as well as safety? The Andrew Rivkin Travel Review generally focuses on helping travelers find the best companies to fly with, but today we’ll educate readers on which airlines should be avoided.

By taking into account factors such as the number of hull losses (destroyed airplanes) an airline has suffered in the past thirty years, the deadliness of destroyed planes, recent activity, and how many flights have been flown without incident, the Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Centre (JACDEC) is able to collect data about aviation accidents and safety, and the annual Airline Safety Ranking has been published for 2012. Here are the ten airlines with the worst safety records in terms of planes destroyed since 1983, and how many fatalities they caused:

  1. China Airlines: 8 hull losses; 755 fatalities
  2. TAM Airlines: 6 hull losses; 336 fatalities
  3. Air India: 3 hull losses; 329 fatalities
  4. GOL Transportes AĆ©reos: 1 hull loss; 154 fatalities
  5. Korean Air: 9 hull losses; 687 fatalities
  6. Saudia: 4 hull losses; 310 fatalities
  7. Turkish Airlines: 6 hull losses, 188 fatalities
  8. Thai Airways International: 5 hull losses; 309 fatalities
  9. South African Airways: 1 hull loss; 159 fatalities
  10. SkyWest Airlines: 3 hull losses; 22 fatalities

Check out the full safety listing HERE, where you can find all sixty of the ranked airlines including the ten safest airlines, as ranked by the Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Centre.

Now, if flights being delayed or cancelled is a pet peeve of yours (how could it not be?), than you’ll want to check out the United States Department of Transportation’s most recent Air Travel Consumer Report, which suggests that the five worst airlines in terms of flights arriving on time are:

  1. American
  2. JetBlue
  3. Frontier
  4. SkyWest
  5. ExpressJet