Out to Lunch with Japanese Cuisine in Midtown

Running around New York City can quickly leave you hungry and parched before you know it. When visiting for either business or pleasure, it is easy to let time escape you, looking to cram as much into your day as possible. If you’re not willing to settle for a quick, cheap bite that will only leave you hungry moments later, head over to one of my favourite lunch spots in the city, Tenzan.

Owner Leo Lin brought his passion for Japanese cuisine to New York City about a decade ago, and is now thriving in the city with a restaurant in Brooklyn, one in midtown, and another on the upper west side. Tenzan prides itself in only offering the freshest of raw fish items to its patrons. With fresh fish deliveries every single day of the week, and with the most careful preparations made by staff of a professional sushi-chefs, you can be sure you are enjoying some of the finest Japanese cuisine around.

I always enjoy the wide variety of items on the menu, never knowing exactly what I want when I sit down, but knowing it is all going to be something special and delectable. There are traditional Japanese items such as Negimaki, Sukiyaki, and a variety of noodle specials, but there are also more intricate items, such as sashimi rolls, and highly specialized items like the dancing eel roll.

Taking a break at Tenzan in the middle of the day is always a great experience. You can enjoy well-priced soups or salads with Japanese flair, and plenty of appetizers to make for a delicious and filling meal. One of my favourite combinations include a tempura platter paired with a seaweed salad. There is still more, however, not to be overlooked.

Just as good as having lunch at Tenzan, as I often do, is heading there late in the evening for a drink and a sweet dessert. Hot sake goes great with tempura cheesecake, as does a signature Japanese beer.

It is hard to find a quality Japanese restaurant with such a great variety of food, comfortable atmosphere, and trustworthy staff. I’ve found it in Tenzan, and if you have a chance to take an afternoon or evening there, you surely will as well.

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