Osteria Via Stato Italian Dining

With all the Italian inspired fine dining options in the Windy City, selecting the right one during your travel is a daunting and sometimes impossible task. Between “must-eat” hints from friends, online reviews and concierge suggestions you’re still left with a handful of choices.

May we suggest Osteria Via Stato which is located at 620 North State Street, and boasts some of the finest Italian dining in the city of Chicago. The restaurant features a mouth-watering menu that’s catered to the season with fresh, local veggies and fruits, and includes specialty cocktails, Antipasta, soups, salads, pasta dishes, pizza and chef specialties. The casual yet elegant setting makes this Italian eatery the perfect stop for lunch or dinner. Osteria Via Stato has even been praised by the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times and Time Out Chicago for its spectacular food and personal service.

Planning a party? Osteria Via Stato hosts parties and events that are not only worry free, but also free of planning. The Italian heritage of celebration inspires every party hosted by the restaurant, and guests are never disappointed. Book your next party online HERE.

Andrew Rivkin recently shared his dining experience at Osteria Via Stato during his stay in Chicago this past October. Aside from raving about the exceptional customer service, he said the food was spectacular and he couldn’t wait for his next trip to Chicago. Here’s what he and his wife ordered:

  1. 2 Manhattan Italiano
  2. 1 Antipasti Board
  3. 1 Arugula Salad
  4. 1 Caesar Salad
  5. 1 Pepperoni Pizza
  6. 2 san gusto chianti classico 2010
  7. 1 Caramel gelato

So if you find yourself in a bind trying to pick a place to dine in Chicago, check out Osteria Via Stato for Italian inspired cuisine with a fresh, local twist. We hope this fine dining suggestion from Andrew Rivkin Travel is helpful!