Nisbet Plantation Beach Club

Every year Conde Nast Traveler readers rate the top resorts in and around the Caribbean, and this year first place goes to the Nisbet Plantation Beach Club, on Nevis Island in the West Indies. With a readers’ choice overall rating of 95.8%, the Nisbet Plantation resort scored well over 95 in categories like rooms, location and dining.

The Nisbet Plantation Beach Club is a restored 1778 plantation where travelers can enjoy a beach vacation with privacy, personal service and cottage-style accommodation. The resort rests on thirty acres of land lush with expansive lawns, coconut palms and beautiful gardens, and the lemon-hued stucco cottages are located among the foliage and feature white pyramid roofs and balconies/patios facing the sea. Guests can also enjoy fine dining, choosing from three different restaurants, including the Great House which serves authentic gourmet Caribbean cuisine like grilled mahi-mahi with peas and rice.

Nisbet Plantation Beach Club rests peacefully on an island in the Caribbean Sea known as Nevis, which helps form the Leeward Islands chain of the West Indies. Nevis and the island of St. Kitts are separated by a shallow channel known as The Narrows, and Nevis has a volcano known as Nevis Peak near the center of the island. So it’s no wonder that the island’s coastlines are made up of a beautiful combination of white coral sandy beaches with brown and black sand, which has eroded and washed down from the volcanic rocks that make up the island. The coastal plain has natural freshwater springs as well as natural volcanic hot springs (which are amazing btw!), especially along the western coast.

Nisbet Plantation Beach Club is not only peaceful and relaxing, but it is also the Caribbean’s only historic plantation inn on the beach. A storied history combined with alluring serenity make this small Nevis & St. Kitts resort a favorite among travelers worldwide, including the Andrew Rivkin Travel review, Travel+Leisure, and Check out TripAdvisor’s online travel reviews for Nisbet Plantation Beach Club HERE.

Take advantage of a more secluded type of luxury, where travelers will find personal service, elegance, exceptional cuisine, island activities and plenty of rest and relaxation on a beach vacation at Nisbet Plantation Beach Club!

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