Fine Japanese Dining on the Vegas Strip

One of the most extravagant and energetic cities in the world is Las Vegas, a place so densely populated and full of oddities and excitement that visiting can be a bit overwhelming. It was one of my favourite places to travel, but it took some time to figure out the best restaurants to frequent.

A great place for lunch or dinner is Hyakumi Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar, located conveniently in the heart of Vegas at Caesar’s Palace. I have been a long-time lover of sushi, and finding the right place to satisfy your craving can be difficult. Hyakumi, however, never fails to impress.

Offering fresh sushi prepared by master chefs along with Teppanyaki style cooking and à la carte dishes including noodle soups and grilled items, Hyakumi is among the finest restaurants on the strip. I especially love their Nigiri, and there is to be sure plenty of choice in the matter, all featuring only the freshest fish and seafood.

The atmosphere is also something to enjoy, with traditional teppan tables where you can enjoy grilled tenderloin, chicken breast, lobster tail, scallops, sea bass or jumbo shrimp. There is also a popular prix fixe featuring four courses to help those who are new to the restaurant and want get a little taste of everything.

À la carte choices, moreover, include teriyaki and tempura dishes, Kobe beef, udon and soba soups and seasonal sashimi selections. There menu can be staggering, but rest assured that it is hard to make a wrong choice. And course, no meal is complete without specialty drinks, including a variety of Japanese and domestic beer and a varied selection of fine sake.

Well-priced, and with a great atmosphere and of course the freshest of seafood, Hyakumi is understandably one of my favourite places to grab Japanese cuisine while staying in Las Vegas. I stop by for a quick appetizer during lunch before heading out on the strip for a day, or I dine in the evening with friends as we enjoy a relaxing night being served. Either way, don’t miss this fine Japanese restaurants when heading out west.

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