Dining in Montreal

The brilliant Canadian city of Montreal, filled with a lush history, passion for sport, and eye for fashion, also features a unique cuisine that every traveler must take in while they are there. Andrew Rivkin believes that part of the allure of Montreal is the food and drink, and there are plenty of places to find great meals.

The Québécois have a very distinct cuisine, comprised of traditional French dishes and techniques prepared with regional ingredients such as wild game (venison, boar and the like), freshwater fish like trout and salmon, maple syrup, and seasonal wild vegetables like mushrooms, ramps and fiddleheads. All sorts of fruits and vegetables flourish in Québec and the neighboring provinces, making for the freshest of meals.

Of course, there are plenty of fine dining options  that make for a lovely evening. Rivkin particularly enjoys Bis Ristorante, located on the very famous rue De La Montagne, in the heart of downtown Montreal. When you go, allow the chefs to prepare for you their unique white truffles (when in season), their famous risotto al Tartufo, an exquisite milk-fed veal chop, or a tender Angus Filet Mignon. Andrew always makes sure to ask about the fish, which are among the freshest around, delivered daily to the restaurant.

Part of the charm of Bis is the ambience and magnificent decor: the bricks and woodwork elegantly adorn the surrounding area. As well, many celebrities visit Bis when they are in town, offering the chance for patrons to dine among someone famous.

The facade at Bar and Boeuf in Montreal

For French cuisine in a fine dining atmosphere, check out Bar & Boeuf situated in Old-Montreal. Fish or Beef is the name in English, B&B is deal spot for anyone seeking to experience evolving, seasonal menus that feature traditional ingredients paired with a fresh approach that emphasizes casual elegance, integrity and taste.

As with all big cities, there are plenty of vendors from which to get quick and easy comfort foods such as pizza or hot dogs. However, in Montreal, it is a bit different. The first of three notables are poutine: frites topped with gravy and melty cheese curds. Then there is pizzaghetti; pizza topped with spaghetti, or sometimes pizza with a side of spaghetti. And lastly, one of the most popular comforts foods is smoked meat (beef) sandwiches, one of Andrew’s favourites.  The greatest of these items is that they can be found on any street. In addition, a traveler not familiar with the city will find that maple sugar shacks are popular too, but most of them are only open during sugaring time: spring. At a traditional sugar shack you can enjoy a hearty meal of eggs, sausages, crepes (pancakes), maple syrup toffee, and maple syrup-laced coffee.

For Andrew Rivkin, the best part of taking a trip to Montreal is always the food. Whether it’s a quick snack on the street, or a relaxing dinner in one of the many fine restaurants, Montreal’s cuisine is not to be missed.


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