Dining Out in Beautiful Toscana at La Bussola

The best place to find the best Italian food in the world is, as you may have guessed, in Italy itself. Whenever I’ve the opportunity to visit the historic nation on the edge of the Mediterranean, I find Tuscany to be an area of Italy that cannot be missed. The food there is unlike any other place I’ve been to, and I’ve found a restaurant there that I will never forget.

La Bussola is a wonderful Toscana restaurant, pizzeria, wine bar, situated in the heart of the historical centre of Florence, on beautiful via Porta Rossa among some of the city’s most famous monuments.

Translated as ‘The Compass,´La Bussola is a family-run establishment boasting a tight-knit group of collaborators. As a result, a true expanded family has formed where everyone carries out their role with true dedication and passion.

The restaurant’s cuisine is inspired by the Tuscan food tradition and is primarily linked to what is offered by season, market and territory: pappardelle (large egg noodle pasta) with wild boar, tagliatelle (noodle pasta) with porcini mushrooms and green mint, Tuscan ossobuco (veal marrow-bone), bistecca Fiorentina (Florentine t-bone steak), and the tagliata di manzo (beef-cut), with Chianti wine are the most beloved classics.

Trust me when I say you can’t go wrong picking any item off the menu. The only problem you will encounter across the evening is that you’ll likely want to try a little bit of everything!

The decor of the restaurant is atmospheric, with a mixed style between modern and traditional Tuscan, characterized by the colours of black granite, light-coloured marble, steel and Tuscan chestnut.Warmly hospitable and quiet, it’s an establishment suitable for business lunches or dinners, evenings in the company of friends or family, or intimate dining for two.

Of course when you are there, though, you’ll have to try at least a bit of pizza. The unique and authentic pizza bar seats twelve and is perfect for single diners who prefer not to sit alone at a table, and who can admire the creation of their pizza close up, or, enjoy reading a book or making the acquaintance of the person sitting next to them.

As well, there is a lengthy list of wines, and plenty of delectable desserts to complete your meal. Make La Bussola a stop on your trip throughout Italy; it is one of the most delicious meals you’ll ever have out at a restaurant.

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