Best Road Trip Destinations

I was recently reminiscing about travel back in the day, when a good old fashion road trip was enough to keep us enthusiastically entertained for days. Plus, this cold winter weather has got me daydreaming about a fresh breeze from somewhere different than “You Are Here” on the map. During my search for an image to go along with my daydream I came across a great list for 2013, featuring the Top Five Coastal Road Trips, brought to you by Coastal Living magazine. What’s even better is that the writer’s have provided some informative insight as well as the top pit stops along the way and places to stay. They even suggest playlists, as voted by readers!

So without further ado, the top destinations for those that enjoy a good road trip; like those of us at the Andrew Rivkin Travel Review!

  • California Highway 1 is a major north-south state highway that runs along most of the Pacific coastline of of Cali.
  • Florida’s Overseas Highway is a stretch of highway over 120 miles (205.2 km) long, carrying U.S. Route 1 through the Florida Keys. This road trip is also known as the Florida Keys Scenic Highway.
  • Northern Lake Michigan Loop is a cool Midwestern route that travels through two states and an island; there’s even a vintage ferry involved.
  • The Great Texas Birding Trail is a beautiful portion of the Gulf Coast of Texas and it’s perfect for nature lovers, bird watchers and those looking for less-crowded beaches.
  • New England Drive offers a lovely northern destination for any type of travel.

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