Beautiful Beaches in St. Barths

Without question, Andrew Rivkin knows that one of the most beautiful spots on the planet, and one of the most popular destinations for a great vacation is St. Barths in the Caribbean. There are plenty of friendly people, great restaurants, and entertaining activities at night, but by far the biggest attractions are the gorgeous, sandy beaches that outline the island.

Andrew Rivkin knows it is hard to go wrong when taking a trip to St. Barths. In total, there are fourteen beaches, all blessed with gleaming white sand. Few are crowded, even in peak season, and all are public and free. What is most impressive is that the sand and water are so clean. The ocean is turquoise and clear, while the sand is gleaming and white. Even the sea shells that dot certain beaches are clean and beautiful, making for an enjoyable and relaxing experience wherever you go. Enjoy playing games on the beach, or fall asleep to the sounds of the water washing against the shore. To become more familiar with the island and all the possibilities that await, head to the tourism website and become acquainted. Still, there are a couple that are must see beaches.

Andrew Rivkin loves enjoying the white sand on Flamands Beach

The top beach for many, including Andrew Rivkin, is Flamands Beach. It is arguably the best beach on the island, with both serenity and seclusion. It sits behind towering ficus bushes and stone walls to offer you a unique feel on this Caribbean nation. The smooth sand and blue water manages to combine in equal measure the three things for which St Barths is famous.

Uncrowded and leisurely, Flamands Beach beckons back visitors like Andrew Rivkin year after year. There aren’t many waves, the sky is blue, the water inviting — really couldn’t find anything wrong with this beach and we recommend it to you from Three Best Beaches. In fact, this is one of those picturesque places where you can get above the beach area and take some pretty nice photographs. The higher you get, the easier to see why people just fall in love with this place and feel.

Upon traveling to the Island, Andrew Rivkin was able to get a true sense of the traditional culture of St. Barths by taking a journey to Corossol Beach. Here you’ll find a village once home to St. Bart’s fishermen and now home to ancestors of the original inhabitants from France. Come enjoy a life much more simpler then modern architecture and mega resorts and find a Corossol Beach vacation rental.

The turquoise water at Saline Beach

Yet another great place to visit is Saline. A splendid beach of even more white sand and turquoise sea, backed by a scenery of rolling green hills: so postcard-like it is almost unreal. If you are a fan of these incredibly cliché beaches, all you need to do is drive further up north to delight in at least a handful of them. Grande Saline is a quiet beach, accessible only on foot from the parking area. Its name originates from the salt marshes exploited here by Saint Bartheans. Wherever you go, as Andrew Rivkin knows, you are sure to enjoy the sunshine.


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