The World’s Longest Flights

Andrew Rivkin has become accustomed to flying around the world for both business and pleasure. He typically takes transcontinental or transatlantic flights which average less then eight hours direct. When Andrew came across an article recently on he was truly intrigued. The article listed the eleven longest flights (travel time) around the world. While none of them originate or end in Andrew’s home town of Toronto, you never know when he might end up on one of the world longest flights!

Singapore Airlines operates the two longest flights in the world, both of which fly into Singapore! The longer of the two flights originates in Los Angeles with a scheduled flying time of 18 hours and 30 minutes. The second flight also operated by Singapore Airlines fly’s direct from Newark to Singapore with a scheduled duration of 18 hours. Andrew Rivkin was surprised that the Newark flight takes less time then the Los Angeles considering that the latter one is geographically closer to Singapore. However, the Los Angeles flight does not take advantage of the diminished winds when flying over the North Pole as the Newark flight does. The Airbus 340-500 which operates on both of these routes, is set in a 1-2-1 business class configuration with only 100 seats on the entire plane making for a truly enjoyable flight despite the over eighteen hours in the air.

Andrew Rivkin: Singapore Airlines A340-500

Singapore Airlines A340-500 on takeoff



Andrew Rivkin was not surprised to discover that two of the longest flights on the list originate in Dubai, the oil capital of the world. In the air for 16 hours and 30 minutes, you could get from Dubai to Los Angeles or Houston which is ten minutes less. Both of these flights are operated by Emirates Airlines who also serves the Toronto area from Dubai three times a week aboard the largest commercial airplane in the world, the Airbus 380.



The complete list is:

1. Los Angeles to Singapore – 18 Hours 30 Minutes (Singapore Airlines)

2. Newark to Singapore – 18 Hours (Singapore Airlines)

3. Los Angeles to Bangkok – 17 Hours 30 Minutes (Thai Airways)

4. Dubai to Los Angeles – 16 Hours 30 Minutes (Emirates Airlines)

5. Dubai to Houston – 16 Hours 20 Minutes (Emirates Airlines)

6. Doha to Houston – 16 Hours 15 Minutes (Qatar Airways) [Tie]

6. Atlanta to Johannesburg – 16 Hours 15 Minutes (Delta Airlines) [Tie]

8. Newark to Hong Kong – 16 Hours (United Airlines) [Tie]

8. Johannesburg to New York – 16 Hours (South African Airways) [Tie]

8. Dallas to Brisbane – 16 Hours (Qantas) [Tie]

8. New York to Hong Kong – 16 Hours (Cathay Pacific) [Tie]



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