The Pearson-Union Rail-Link

Call it a long time coming; Andrew Rivkin along with the millions who fly in and out of Toronto Pearson International Airport is excited about the recent announcement. This past week, the Ontario provincial government promised to begin construction in coming spring on a rail-link. The link will connect Pearson Airport with Toronto’s Union Station. The goal of the project is to have the air-rail link completed by the 2015 Pan Am Games to be hosted in Toronto. With most metropolitans around the world having rail-links between the main international airport and the downtown core it is about time that Toronto gets one.

Andrew Rivkin Union-Pearson Air-Rail Link

Proposed Layout of GO Transit System with the Pearson Air-Rail Link

Being a Toronto entrepreneur, Andrew Rivkin appreciates Premier Dalton McGuinty’s speech earlier this week. In the announcement, Mr. McGuinty said that the rail-link will make the “Greater Toronto Area a more attractive place to work, to visit and to invest”. The air-rail link will only stretch three kilometers, but it will connect to the much larger Go Transit system to provide service to Union Station in downtown Toronto.

With increasing traffic congestion, the rail-link will help to alleviate some of the congestion along with providing arriving passengers the fastest “transfer” to and from the downtown core. Andrew Rivkin notes that with the implementation of the air-rail link, travelers into and out of Pearson International will be able to get to and from downtown Toronto in 25 minutes (each way). Compared to traffic congestion on Highway 401, the busiest highway in North America, Rivkin believes that many travelers will take advantage of the new service. An early estimate is that the air-rail link will ease congestion by taking 1.2 million vehicle trips off the road annually.

Some other large metropolitan areas that have air-rail links include London with the “Tube”, Hong Kong with the “Airport Express” and New York (JFK) with the AirTran.

Even though the additional construction needed is only a three-kilometer stretch, the benefit is immense!



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