Andrew Rivkin is Among the Top 15 Canadians in Digital Media

Synonymous with the Canadian tech industry are Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis, the brains behind Research in Motion (RIM). Beyond this, Canadians have made huge contributions in the fields of gaming, software, Internet security, Web development, social media and online broadcasting. Backbone, one of Canada’s largest and most successful business magazines, recently published an article highlighting the top 15 Canadians in digital media. Andrew Rivkin was among the fifteen selected.

The list includes Stewart Butterfield, the creator of Flickr one of the world’s most popular websites; Cassie Creighton, the five-year old Torontonian who along with her father created the hit online game Sissy’s Magical Ponycorn Adventure; and Sid Meier of Sarnia, Ontario who is considered to be the father of computer gaming. Meier developed some of the first flight and military simulation games.

Andrew Rivkin: Cryptologic         Andrew Rivkin: FUN Technologies

Andrew Rivkin is among the top 15 for his pioneer vision in the online gambling industry with Cryptologic in the mid-1990’s. Cryptologic, which was founded in his parents’ Toronto basement along with his brother Mark, provided the underlying software for many prominent gambling Websites. Later, Rivkin co-founded FUN Technologies from Toronto with Lorne Abony, launching highly popular prize-based and casual games.



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