The Luxurious Wynn Resort

One of the most exciting and unique places in the world, home of iconic buildings and memorable sights, is Las Vegas. It is truly a place like any other, and a place that Andrew Rivkin has always enjoyed visiting.

Part of the excitement is finding a place to stay. A hotel in Vegas is unlike a hotel in any other city. While finding one on a regular vacation is secondary to deciding where to go, finding the right hotel in Vegas is essential to the success of the trip. The best are simply not just hotels, but restaurants, bars, and of course casinos. Whereas in other cities you often don’t expect or want to spend lots of time in the hotel; in Vegas, it’s part of the fun

The Wynn facade is an iconic image on the Vegas strip

Andrew’s favourite place to stay is undoubtedly the Wynn Resort. It is not simply a place to sleep at night, but a place to spend nearly your entire trip. The Wynn is a five-star hotel and five diamond resort in the heart of Las Vegas, offering world class dining, entertainment, and relaxation. The resort has a giant casino offering a wide selection of table games including Baccarat, Roulette, Pai Gow, and even Casino War. Moreover, there is always a place to sit down at one of the 1,900 slots, as well as at the 26-table poker room.

A night at the Wynn continues with plenty of entertainment in the resort with musicals and concerts featuring some of the best talents around the world. If sitting down watching a show isn’t for you, Andrew recommends checking out the club scene where you can dance to the hottest hits and meet equally sociable people.

While the nightlife can be chaotic, in the day time the weather is warm, and thus relaxing, and maybe even recovering, is necessary. It’s important to find a hotel that can help you ease into your day with a quiet and peaceful afternoon. The Wynn is just that place according to Rivkin.


A stretch of water connects two large heated pools at the Wynn

The heated pools are located in the heart of the resort, surrounded by perfectly manicured gardens, and offering poolside refreshments. There is also a secluded, European-style pool adjacent to the main for a quieter, more adult atmosphere. When you’re done with the pool, relax at a private cabana, featuring plasma televisions, sofas, ceiling fans, and misting systems.

For an even more relaxing stay, the Spa at Wynn Las Vegas offers 45 treatment rooms for massage, body treatment, and facials for both men and women. Moreover, steam rooms, saunas, and hot and cold plunges make the stay complete.

At the Wynn, you really don’t need to travel far for anything. Rivkin likes to take in an early game of golf, and the greens couldn’t be located any closer. The 18-hole course is surrounded by a landscape of waterfalls, streams, and forests in which you forget that you are actually in Las Vegas. If golf isn’t your thing, there are plenty of boutiques and shops to occupy your time during the day located in and around the luxurious resort.

Andrew Rivkin loves every trip to Vegas for the entertainment and the relaxation. And the great thing about Vegas is that you never know when you will instantly win big and suddenly you have yourself a free trip out west.

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