February 14th Special: Romantic Travel Ideas

In this edition of the Andrew Rivkin Travel Review we wanted to get a bit sentimental for Valentine’s Day 2013, and learn about the best travel destinations for romantic vacations. Many of our suggestions were influenced by TripAdvisor.com, but we sought insight from other top resources as well to pull together a few pretty good options.

  • Paris is a Rivkin Travel Review top Valentine's Day Getaway!

    Paris is a Rivkin Travel Review top Valentine’s Day Getaway!

    Topping TripAdvisor’s Best Romantic Vacations list is, surprise, surprise, Paris, France. This is actually one of the world’s most popular travel destinations in general, but it’s perfect for a romantic getaway with your Valentine. From the city’s picturesque bridges to the charming outdoor cafes, and the richness of its history and culture; no other city says romance like Paris. Stroll along the river Seine, picnic at the Luxembourg Garden and explore everything Paris has to offer.
  • Another pick we selected from TripAdvisor’s top five best romantic vacations is the Caribbean gem- Aruba. Nothing is more romantic than a tropical getaway to paradise, and Aruba has all the key ingredients. Vacationers can expect an intoxicating mix of daytime adventure, world-class spa treatments, an exciting nightlife and delectable fine dining. Crystal blue waters hug the beautiful beaches which are perfect for sunset walks and private cove escapes.
  • Bird's eye view of St. Barths

    Bird’s eye view of St. Barths

    We had to list another Caribbean destination, and here we turned to Islands.com and their list of Best Island Resorts for Romantic Getaways, where we found St. Barths. We’ve actually reviewed this Caribbean travel destination before when Andrew Rivkin reflected on his trip to St. Barths. We briefly reviewed the magnificent Eden Rock Hotel, which is a premier luxury hotel that definitely gets our thumbs up. The fabulous beaches, luxurious yachts, designer boutiques, romantic fine dining and endless activities make St. Barths in the Caribbean a top travel pick for our getaways on Valentine’s Day.
  • Being from Toronto the Rivkin Travel Review has to keep up with the best Canadian vacation destinations. For a romantic getaway to Canada, consider an escape to a private ski lodge or ski resort. Quebec, for example, has many ski resorts that are quaint and romantic, and the area’s French heritage has produced some of the finest cafes and restaurants. For something just as romantic but simplified, the Sutton Place Hotel in Toronto is perfect for any luxurious escape, and the hotel is only minutes from the financial district, fashionable shopping, major attractions and fine dining.

Happy Valentine’s Day from those of us at Andrew Rivkin Travel!